Reservoir Modelling

Combined topographic and bathymetric surveys can be undertaken of lochs, reservoirs and water storage facilities to assist with capacity forecasting and drought resilience planning.

A combination to survey techniques are often required to provide usable data for assessing depth derived reservoir storage levels, often associated with capacity planning and supply scheduling or dredging works.

Geophysical survey techniques can be used to assess sediment depths, with sampling works used to determine the composition of the sedimentation. Further analysis in a laboratory can assess its suitability for dredging and disposal.

Multibeam data sets can further enhance the interpretation process, providing information on underwater infrastructure such as valve towers and intake pipes which affect the reservoir’s Top Water Level [TWL] and hence overall capacity.

reservoir survey

Outputs include 2D & 3D survey drawings, providing full digital data for all relevant survey features and level contours, provided in AutoCAD and PDF file formats.

In addition, XYZ files (Easting, Northing & Level) are created and used to derive the DTM and depth-capacity relationship, providing the opportunity for the client to verify the DTM modelling if required. Information denoting derived area / depth / capacity in graphical & tabulated form, providing confirmation of the total reservoir storage [at appropriate depth intervals in between].

reservoir modelling
reservoir modelling
reservoir modelling
reservoir modelling

Water samples can be recovered remotely, at intermittent depths as required by the client, utilising a Niskin bottle. Water visibility and the penetration of photosynthesising radiation is undertaken using a dipping PAR sensor and ground truthed with a Secchi disk.

With many such locations situated in remote areas, often without any form of recognised access track, our range of 4×4 vehicles, including ArgoCat and quad bike, can be used to safely and efficiently transport personnel and equipment to and from site.

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