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BIM Surveys & Measured Building Surveys

Aspect Land & Hydrographic Surveys Ltd have expertise in capturing, processing and delivering  a multitude of different types of surveys.  Some of these include topographic, measured building, GPR / utility mapping, terrestrial scanning and bathymetric surveys.

Our current modelling practises align with BS EN 19650 hence can easily be integrated into a wider BIM workflow upon hand over.

To date AHLS has completed several 3D models, predominantly within REVIT for a number of different industry sectors such as Architectural Refurbishment, Marine Infrastructure and Transport Infrastructure projects.

Marine Infrastructure

Combining above water data with land surveys is integral within all sectors of the business and continues through to our 3D Modelling. For example dock walls, sheet piling etc have previously been modelled down to seabed due to the side-scan sonar or multibeam bathymetric data providing a continuation of the land surveys. Sub-strata layers of the seabed have also been included within the 3D models to provide a centralized holistic view of the full site.

As-Built Architectural Models

Specific attention is given within these projects when dealing with listed features such as facades or any areas of specific architectural interest. This allows our in-house technician to accommodate for fluctuating levels of detail. In doing so the model size is kept to a minimum but ensures all components are to the correct standard for client use.

The above datasets can be combined and AS-built 3D modelled to individually suit the requirements of each client. AHLS have in house expertise to advise and help establish a scope to ensure the model is developed with an appropriate level of detail for future use.

Measured Buildings

The level of detail within these drawings can be tailored to suit the client’s requirements and budget, from low detail outline surveys of wall positions, ceiling heights and openings to high detailed surveys including service fittings, lighting, furniture and fixtures.

Additional 3D models, offering a real-world visualisation, can be extracted from the 2D survey detail – all of which can be imported into any Building Information Management system (BIM).

Land Survey

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