Aspect Land & Hydrographic Surveys Ltd were contracted to undertake a multibeam, side-scan and magnetometer survey as part of a larger UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) project at Wylfa Power Station in North Wales.

Wylfa Power Station  Wylfa Power Station

Through the use of bathymetric, side-scan and magnetometer survey methods, we carried out a non-intrusive, in depth investigation to identify any explosives located in the area, prior to drilling rigs being positioned. Data was required on both onshore and offshore areas of the site.

Our vessel, ‘Remote Sensor’ with mounted R2Sonic 2024 system was used to carry out the multibeam element of the survey. In combination with data from our EdgeTech 4125 Side-scan Sonar, this allowed us to provide the client with a clear picture of the seabed, highlighting any objects present on the seabed at the time of survey.

Following this, we utilised our Geometrics G-882 Caesium Vapour Magnetometer system. This was used to detect any spatial variation in the Earth’s magnetic field and highlight anomalies on the seabed of similar size / dimensions to ordnance materials. A Geometrics G-858 was utilised for the onshore section of the survey.

After completion, the client was issued with a comprehensive report and plans that were used in the project design and inform the safe positioning of rigs at the site.