Aspect Land & Hydrographic Surveys Ltd is pleased to be the first company in Europe to take delivery of the revolutionary Trimble UX5 HP Aerial Imaging System.

This system is currently the best available survey grade fixed-wing UAV for aerial mapping projects and will expand and enhance the company’s aerial surveying capabilities.

Aspect first with trimble UX5 HP drone Aspect first with trimble UX5 HP drone

The system is fitted with PPK positioning and a Sony A7R 36MP (full frame) camera c/w 35mm lens, a combination of sensors which boasts achievable and repeatable GSD (Ground Scale Distance) accuracies in the region of 20mm.

The fixed-wing UAV is ideal for rapid data collection over large areas due to its high operating speed and extended flight time. Deliverables include Digital Orthomosaics, DSMs, DEMs & Coloured 3D Point Clouds.

Recent projects have included large scale flood-risk mapping surveys, pipeline route surveys, beach erosion and littoral surveys in addition to change mapping works associated with soil erosion, deforestation and urban expansion.