Aspect Land & Hydrographic Surveys Ltd are pleased to be the first company in Scotland to take delivery of the revolutionary Trimble SX10 – Combined High Precision Scanner & 1” Total Station.

The system boasts the smallest laser footprint size in the industry (14mm @100m) and can successfully scan over a range of 600m. Scanning at 26,600 points per second, a complete 360° dome can be completed in less than 12 minutes.

Aspect first in scotland with Trimble SX10

The SX10 has in-built HD cameras utilising Trimble VISION™ technology to capture high resolution imagery. In addition to the instrument being a high definition scanner, it can be used as a traditional Total Station with 1” angular accuracies for precision surveying and monitoring.

The unit has been used on a number of projects already, with clients recognising the benefits of 3D point cloud data sets in locations such as pump stations and water treatment works, where there is a high level of detail required, in addition to traditional uses such as building elevations and streetscape works.

Given the company’s multifaceted survey capabilities clients have been keen to explore the possibilities Aspect Land & Hydrographic Surveys Ltd can offer in merging static laser scan data with high resolution multibeam bathymetry to provide composite dock wall and asset inspection surveys.