A 170-year-old bridge has been demolished, having been found to be in such a poor state it had been deemed a “danger” to the rail line passing below.

The Abbeyton Bridge, near Fordoun was surveyed using a 3D laser scanner by ALHS in May 2018 and following an assessment of the data sets by both Aberdeenshire Council and their appointed engineers the decision was taken to dismantle the bridge.

The survey works were completed over a single nightshift, with a Network Rail permit in place to enable works to be completed trackside.

This ensured full coverage of the bridge structure and the tunnel roof was achieved, as particularly emphasis was put on the assessment of the tunnel’s unique ribbed construction.

The information was post-processed in Trimble Business Centre [TBC] software and issued as an .LAS file, an industry standard format that can be imported into any number of 3D civil engineering packages.

The full article can be viewed here; BBC News

3D Laser Scan
3D Laser Scan