Renewable Energy Projects

With an increase in focus on clean energy, Aspect Land & Hydrographic Surveys Ltd has completed surveys within a range of environments associated with renewable energy projects.

On shore wind energy is the current main source of renewable energy, with involved in all stages of the process from surveys used for site feasibility studies to pre-construction, through construction support phases and final as-built survey.

Additional, ancillary projects such as Swept Path Analysis require surveys to ensure viable transport routes are used to move the wind turbine components from point of loading to final destination.

With windfarm sites tending to cover large areas or varying terrain, the company has invested in survey equipment that ensure efficient and accurate data capture including RTK GNSS, LiDAR and UAV technology.

As well as wind generation, surveys have been completed for proposed hydro schemes, both large and small, often in remote highland locations. The purpose of the survey is to assist in the design process and to confirm the required head level and flow rates.

Utilising vehicles from our survey fleet, including a 4×4 quad bike and 8-wheel Argocat, these often hard to reach areas can be accessed quickly and safely by competent surveyors, all fully trained in their use.

Land Survey

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