Deformation Monitoring

Aspect Land & Hydrographic Surveys Ltd can provide a wide range of deformation monitoring solutions, tailors to individual project requirements and taking account of the environment in which the works are to be undertaken.

Whether it is the critical measurement of seawalls and flood defences, building subsidence, structural integrity or long-term landslip monitoring, our leading edge technology offers the client greater confidence in the final deliverable.

In addition to traditional single point monitoring via reflective targets or prism stations, the advancement in 3D laser technology enables full structural point cloud surveys to be undertaken. This, in turn, allows for a robust full surface analysis of any structure and can be compared with historical data sets to provide information on any areas of movement.

Real-time automated monitoring provides up to the minute 4D measurements combing GNSS and total station technology. Once set up, this system is fully independent from human input and can provide real time movement alerts via text or email to any given contact or number or contacts 24 hours a day.

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