3D Visualisation

Our experience in producing Point Clouds and surface models has been built up over more than 20 years and we are experts in producing 3D visualisation outputs.

Our use of industry-leading equipment and technologies and the most advanced software packages available ensure that the client receives optimised deliverables which facilitate detailed interrogation of the data, enhancing design and inspection capabilities.

Where engineering structures are being imaged to assess or inspect damage or to monitor the progress of construction or demolition, it is often best to produce a point cloud in order that the maximum amount of detail may be provided to the engineer. A viewer can be provided to the client to enable them to navigate around their data and gain a fuller understanding of the survey.

Where the requirement is to understand the geomorphological nature of the seabed, it is often better to present the data as a solid surface where sand waves and scouring or build-up of material can be more clearly shown. Again the client is able to rotate the view and navigate the scene as they wish in 3D. This can also be taken further with the addition of time to produce 4D outputs.

It is possible to get detail of vertical surfaces as well as the seabed with multibeam sonar. Dock wall inspection is a very useful addition to the engineer’s toolbox so that, in addition to any video or still images or diver inspection surveys, a fully geo-registered model of the survey can be provided. This allows a more accurate positioning and assessment of features and damage.

The photograph above shows a dock wall at Low water where culverts, damage to the wall and steps are clearly seen. The same features are clearly visible in the multibeam 3D model measured at high water.

When a survey has been carried out (bathymetric, geophysical, magnetometer, laser scanning or aerial), it is possible to take the data resulting from it in easting/northing or geographical coordinates to a vertical datum of the client’s choosing in a variety of output formats.

We utilise Fledermaus, Hysweep and Photoscan survey software packages in order to create these 3D visualisations, all of which can be made available to the client as viewers. This allows the user to manipulate their data to achieve a thorough appreciation of the information available and can be considerably more useful than traditional 2D or 3D line drawing CAD outputs.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss the range of outputs available.

Combined LiDAR & Multibeam bathymetric survey

Combined LiDAR & Multibeam bathymetric survey

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